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About Us

B.App.Sci (Osteopathy); Master of Osteopathy

After six years of full time study at the University of Western Sydney, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Osteopathy and a Masters degree in Osteopathy, Mark worked in a busy Osteopathic practice located in Peakhurst for five years commencing 2001 before moving to Queensland as a registered osteopath working in two clinics on the Gold coast.

He is registered with the AHPRA and a member of the Osteopathy Australia.
Mark treats all patients who present with many and varied musculoskeletal and visceral conditions, with special interests in chronic back and neck pain plus paediatrics and the elderly.

He has an infectiously happy personality and a great love for his profession, hence his continuing study and research endeavours.

Mark aims to provide treatment that is gentle, effective and most importantly safe.

B.App.Sci (Osteopathy); Master of Osteopathy

With a Bachelor of Applied Science in Osteopathy and a Masters degree in Osteopathy, Katrina is registered with the AHPRA and is a member of the Osteopathy Australia. She has worked in busy practices in both Sydney and on the Gold Coast over the last 10 years.

Katrina loves her chosen career, as she gets the opportunity to treat a wide variety of health conditions. She has special interests in women’s health (e.g. pre-menstrual pain and pre-natal care) and back and neck pain. Katrina aims to provide safe and effective treatments that are tailored to the individual, ensuring the best possible functioning of the body and therefore improving general health.

B.C.Sci (Osteopathy); Master of Osteopathic Medicine.

Michael Dignan is a fully qualified and registered osteopath. He completed a bachelor of clinical sciences majoring in osteopathic studies and a master of osteopathic medicine at Southern Cross University.

Michael incorporates the principles of osteopathy and strength and conditioning to ensure patients receive a long term progressive plan that will keep them moving and reaching goals rather than always landing on his treatment bench. He is continually making sure he is up to date with the current best evidence in manual therapy and rehabilitation.

Michael treats a variety of presentations ranging from acute sport related injuries to persistent chronic pain. He also has a keen interest in the management of shoulder, neck and lower back pain.

The techniques he uses to facilitate the recovery process include, massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint articulation, muscle energy techniques, joint manipulation and exercise rehabilitation.

Michael is a father and family man. He enjoys surfing, golf and strength training in his spare time.

Mark Bellotti

Mark Bellotti is an AHPRA registered Osteopath having completed a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences
(Osteopathic studies) and a Master of Osteopathic Medicine with Southern Cross University. Mark
uses a wide range of techniques from gentle indirect techniques to massage, muscle energy
technique and joint manipulation allowing him to select the best overall treatment for the individual
from head to toe. Mark is proficient in dealing with acute, chronic and reoccurring presentations as well as
promoting healthy ageing amongst his patients.

He incorporates advice and education into his treatments, which along with exercise prescription,
prolongs the benefits of treatment and empowers patients with the ability to integrate the positive
changes from treatment into their lives long term.

Mark enjoys being active outdoors with his young family and has a great passion for water sports.


Rebecca is not currently taking on new patients. Rebecca does not treat couples or

Rebecca was born on the Gold Coast and has over 20 years of experience working with a wide
range of patients at both individual and organisational level in the public and private sectors.
Emphasising a practical, down to earth approach to therapy, Rebecca uses an eclectic range of
modalities including Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution
Focused Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. She continues to study neuroscience and
incorporates this research into her practice. Rebecca’s focused interest is in perinatal mental
health and working with first responders.


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